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THEATER - "Novecento"

2019-2020   |   Theater   | 

Graphic and scenography  


Actor: Luigi Donato
Live music: Giovanna Trosi and Nadine Speziga

Graphic design: Gioconda Donato and Paola Dellea

Illustrations: Paola Dellea
Piano composition: Simone Menozzi

Lighting and audio technique: Enea Gentilini

Coaching: Renata Sottini and Stefano Barcella

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2019 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first publication of Alessandro Baricco's monologue "Novecento".

The peculiarity of Baricco's text, poised between a script and a simple story, is to allow the most varied type of audience to imagine, through the words of the writer, sounds, characters, environments of the story completely personalized.

This has allowed us to give the Novecento a new look, as fresh and dynamic.